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Deep knowledge of legal documents, requirements of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services for foreign documents issued in a language other than English and over 10 years of experience made 100% approved certified USCIS translation the choice of over 10,000 customers from all over. Whether it is a certified translation of a one-page birth certificate or an entire package of documents, Prime Language Services helps you translate all necessary documents at a high quality and according to all standards. Professional experienced translators will translate and certify the translations at a low flat rate of $27 per page within only 1-2 days from over 50 languages.

Submit your scanned documents online or fax them and receive the translation by email as secured pdf attachment. Print it, affix to the corresponding document and it is ready!USCIS translation

The USCIS stands for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services of U.S. Department of Homeland Security. That’s a government agency processing applications for immigration, permanent residence, citizenship, adoption, working and visiting the United States. This agency receives a large number of applications monthly so it is crucial to assemble the documents properly for timely processing. Getting your translations done by a reliable agency brings you one step closer.

3 Steps to obtain your certified USCIS translation:

  1. Upload your scanned documents on our website, send them directly to our email at or fax them. Scanned or photographed copies are sufficient and we do not need any originals.
  2. Provide your payment of $27 per page when prompted. Then our certified translators prepare the translation within 1-2 days for most of the documents in over 50 languages and the translation is proofread by another experienced linguist to ensure high quality.
  3. We send completed certified translation to your email as a secure pdf file ready to be printed and used.

Types of USCIS translation:

USCIS Translation Services

  • Birth Certificates;
  • Marriage Certificates and Divorce Documents;
  • Diplomas, Transcripts and Educational Documents;
  • Police Clearance Certificates;
  • Passports and other I.D.;
  • Any other document type.

With the services we offer it is easy to order from the convenience of your home or office, with guaranteed 100% acceptance by USCIS along with other government and private agencies, at one low flat rate of $27 per page and super fast delivery times. Having helped hundreds of customers we are looking forward to serving your translation needs, too. Please contact us with any questions on certified USCIS translation, how to obtain it, requirements for the translation and any other questions. We are looking forward to serving your needs.

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